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Becoming a Healthy Adult: Overcoming Trauma & Survival Patterns w/ Lori Jean Glass


Lori Jean Glass is an expert in the field of emotional wellness, specializing in healing from the profound impacts of growing up in a dysfunctional family and navigating the complexities of Complex PTSD. As the CEO and founder of Pivot - a groundbreaking relationship coaching program - which combines her extensive knowledge in attachment theory, neuroscience, and holistic healing practices to provide a comprehensive framework for recovery. She is the author of #HealthyAdult: PIVOT from Fantasy to Reality, Confusion to Clarity, Isolation to Connection, and the host of the Healthy Adult Podcast.


  • 10:45 - Lori's childhood trauma & dysfunctional upbringing

  • 17:26 - Survival Patterns

  • 24:32 - Processing Anger

  • 33:38 - Parenting with CPTSD

  • 40:48 - Relational Circle Boundaries

  • 54:04 - The lifelong journey of recovery

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