Sometimes it all boils down to which way you decide to look... and you can choose differently.

Updated: May 9

When we get sucked into anxiety, overwhelm, frustration or fear, we forget that we actually don't have to get sucked in, that there is, in fact, another way.

Back in the day if I was angry about something I'd hold on to that shit with both hands gripped tight for days! If I was anxious I'd allow myself to get completely consumed by the anxiety so that my whole life felt unmanageable. If I was feeling sorry for myself I'd jump into a big bucket of self pity and swim around in there for weeks.

But then, once I'd realized and accepted I was an adult child, and started doing the work needed to heal, I learnt one of the most life changing secrets of all time.


Sure, I can hold on to those painful emotions and let them consume me, mind, body and soul. That's what I'd been doing my whole life, because I didn't have a safe space to express those feelings and I wasn't given tools to process such things. But we don't have to let the faulty programming we received in our dysfunctional childhoods control our lives today. WE CAN CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.


You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in life to change.

"In moments of extreme emotion like fear, anger, anxiety, self pity etc. Just as I feel myself about to lose it completely, I give myself an imaginary poke in the ribs and say 'Hey... remember you don't have to go this route, why don't you shake things up a bit and try another way?'"

And that's usually enough to get me to start an inner dialogue with the part of me that's freaking out, or to sit down a meditate for 10 minutes so I can calm the fuck down, or crank up some of my favorite music and dance my tits off until all that negative energy has been danced right out of me. There are so many ways, exercises and tools we can use to choose differently, and that's part of the reason I'm here doing this! So I can share those little magical nuggets of wisdom with you to help you make better choices too.


Come and be part of the secret society, join my community and you'll get big discounts to attend workshops, free support groups three times a week, and lots of awesome tools to help you heal from a childhood of dysfunctional shit. If I can heal from a life time of being a total fucking shit show then so can you!

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