What"s the first thing you say when you start crying in front of someone?

Updated: May 9

"I'm sorry."

Why do we apologize for feeling emotion?!?

Have you ever found yourself apologizing when the tears start to pour and you're with another person? It's a sad reflection on society if we are all saying sorry because we cry.

For many adult children crying just wasn't an option growing up. When we were kids and started crying it only mad our parents angry or irritated, or we'd be accused of attention seeking, or being dramatic or a 'cry baby'. The messaging we received was that crying in front of another person was not safe and to be avoided as much as possible, and if you couldn't help yourself and did cry then you better be apologetic about it because it's unacceptable and not okay.

Deep down we all know that's bullshit, so we have a responsibility to ourselves to untangle the incorrect messaging and conditioning we received as children.

Crying ISN'T bad, wrong, weak, embarrassing or inappropriate.

Crying IS healthy, natural, essential and healing.

"Crying is a vital part of our humanness that frees the painful emotions that are trapped inside us. We need a way to release that pain, and that release often comes through our tears."

Instead of the old conditioning from your fucked up childhood that tells you tears aren't okay, start looking at them as cleansing, as washing you clean from the inside out, as you crying all the painful emotional crap out of you.

Feel whatever you need to feel, because that IS the only way you will heal.

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