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The reason we all find it so hard to find some long lasting peace and happiness in our lives is because we're all looking for it in the wrong direction.

Stop looking for happiness outside yourself, because that kind of happiness is fleeting and short lived... all it is is a temporary high for an inevitable permanent low. Don't you want to just feel good most of the time? Less highs and lows and more even emotional balance in your life? Then stop looking without and start looking within, because there you'll find the kind of peace that glues itself to every fiber of your being. A happiness that, no matter what shit life throws at you, won’t budge.

You're healing starts when you realize that your pain comes from the futile search of looking without for something that can only be found within.

"You're healing starts when you realize that your pain comes from the futile search of looking without, for something that can only be found within."

I never used to be happy, but I craved happiness like a drug. I searched for it everywhere; on a date with a good looking guy, in a new pair of shoes, in stuffing my face with food, and going out and getting high and drunk. I did everything and anything just to try and get a semblance of happiness in my life.

But the whole time I was looking the wrong fucking way!

You can't find happiness from the outside in, I know you think you can, but the truth is you can't. Happiness can only come from the inside out, so you need to start putting the focus on you. You need to get to know yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, support yourself, uplift yourself. It's when you do that work and that healing, that the feeling you've been chasing you're whole life will suddenly appear. And not only will it appear, it'll stick around! Not the fleeting happiness you're currently making do with. No, the happiness you find from doing the inner work means you can hold yourself in turbulent and challenging times... because yes, there will always be turbulent and challenging times - that's called life!

Being an adult child isn't a death sentence. being an adult child doesn't mean you'll never find the peace you're craving for. It just means you have to do the work to get there.

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