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I'm Andrea and I'm an adult child.

People listen to my podcast because I'm unashamedly me.

I'm as honest, authentic, vulnerable and in your face as they come. I speak my truth fearlessly, because by doing so I've set myself free from all the crap I've been carrying around for way too long.

I have learnt how to love the hell out of myself, after a lifetime of putting myself down and not feeling good enough. I struggled with the after effects of a screwed up childhood, and it kept haunting me until I was willing to face it, do the work and heal. And now I speak my truth so others can learn to do the same; to know they are not broken or wrong, and they are most certainly not alone.


Too many people are adult children from dysfunctional families and don't even realize it. I'm here to give you a possible explanation as to why your life is such a shitshow, and to show you that there is a way to overcome the dysfunctional crap you've been carrying around for a lifetime.

I'm living proof of it.


I got sober from alcohol and drugs in 2008, but my life still remained a shitshow, and I couldn't figure out what the f*ck was wrong with me.


I was still struggling to navigate life on life's terms, and felt like I was in a constant state of emotional turmoil. Despite my best efforts (years of therapy and 12-step meetings), I kept finding myself in toxic romantic relationships that seemed to make my whole life become unmanageable.

Then I learned I was an adult child of a dysfunctional family, that the unresolved pain of my childhood was hijacking my life and the reason for all my present day pain (including my broken man picker and dysfunction in relationships.)

My past was kicking my ass, so I had to go back, take a look, acknowledge and deal with it. And so I started my journey to true healing, and began finding some semblance of peace and long lasting happiness in my life. I sought the help I needed and have diligently worked on identifying, understanding and discarding the faulty programming of my dysfunctional upbringing... and the transformation has been profound.

And that's why I created this podcast.

To let you know that you aren't inherently flawed and permanently damaged. You're an adult child and recovery is possible. And this is about so much more than just healing - this is about stepping into the person you were always destined to be and living accordingly. And I'm here to help you discover that person. Will it be easy? NO. Can you do it? YES - and it will be so f*cking worth it.

If you want know more about me, and the beautiful shitshow that is my life,
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